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It took us awhile to get here but we now have the knowledge longevity and contacts to continue to be the best in our industry.

Our clients have been good to us and I have made many close personal friends throughout the industry.

It s a nice feeling knowing you could go just about anywhere in the world pick up the phone and dial someone to meet you for coffee.

T Lori Palmer hrough her work as President of REB Storage Systems International Lori Palmer is dedicated to serving customers strengthening REB to compete in the next decade and striving to set a high standard in her industry.

There are many things that have kept me in my career for so long.

The REB team we have in place right now is the best.

Q REB has been involved with the industry since the early days what has changed over the years A REB s industry roots are in Records Storage which for decades oversaw the safe storage and disposal of massive amounts of paper records like medical records or legal files for example.

With the advent of digital records the Records Storage companies consolidated and re-emerged as national and international players in storage preservation and disposal of digital and paper assets.

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My advice for someone starting out in this industry is to learn everything you can about products applications the industry leaders and so on.

Storage and Material Handling Storage Systems International President --REB Storage Systems International President REB Storage Systems International Chicago IL Chicago IL In her current role of president Lori refers to herself as the Communicator and Motivator .

With strategies and plans constantly changing to accommodate reality Lori focuses on keeping everyone informed and on the ball sending out companywide daily emails and holding regular informational meetings to ensure that everyone stays involved and motivated.

There is an abundance of products available to sell and an abundance of clients you can sell them to.

The sales potential in this industry is unlimited and it s not a zero sum game new products and competitors appear regularly. Strive to know your business better than anyone else and never stop learning.


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