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They were Georgian Orthodox Christians during the early Middle Ages, but Sunni Islam is the dominant faith today.The Avars number approximately 600,000 and are now scattered throughout Georgia, Southern Russia, and Azerbaijan.There is gold in the mountains adjacent to the coast, and a common method of extraction in ancient times was to stream gold-bearing water over a wool hide.

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Also note, just following, the Armenian Roman Catholic communion.In 1922, it became part of the Kabardino-Balkar Autonomous province, that in 1936 was made an autonomous republic.In 1943/44, many Balkars were deported and scattered throughout Kazakhstan and Central Asia, accused of having cooperated with the Germans. Their limited influence in Kabardino-Balkaria has led to a rise in Pan-Turkic ideology among the Balkars.The inhabitants, a sturdy, handsome folk with many often rapacious neighbors, have developed a warrior culture as a response to repeated invasions and slaving raids Technically the name of the people living here; their state was called Colchida - but "Colchis" is the term best recognized from Hellenic usage.It was an ancient Kingdom at the southeastern end of the Black Sea, the supposed home of the sorceress Medea, and the location of the Golden Fleece.A high mountain range extending across the land between the Caspian and Black Seas, this region has collected a tremendously varied number of small enclaves of cultures who have found life on the steppes to the north or the semi-arid plateau regions to the south too inhospitable.


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