Validating input in c

To add validation rules to a form, you open the form in Layout view and add rules to the properties of individual controls.

The steps in the section Add a validation rule to a table explain how to add validation rules to table fields.

Validation rules can be set in either table design or table datasheet view.

There are three types of validation rules in Access: 1.

This is the same as setting the Required field property to Yes.

However, when you enable the Required property and a user fails to enter a value, Access displays a somewhat unfriendly error message.

Restrictions on types of characters to be entered in a field may be easier to do with an Input Mask.

For example, a date field might have a validation rule that disallows values in the past. Record Validation Rule You can use a record validation rule to specify a condition that all valid records must satisfy.

Typically, you use a form validation rule instead of a field validation rule if the rule was specific only to that form and not to the table no matter where it was used.A field validation rule checks input to a field, and is applied when the focus leaves the field.A record validation rule checks input to one or more fields is applied when the focus leaves the record.This article explains how to use validation rules and validation text in table fields and form controls.A validation rule is one way to restrict input in a table field or a control (such as a text box) on a form.Usually, a record validation rule compares the values of two or more fields.


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