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The relatively soft tips give the Gun Smoke a playful feel in pow.They allow you to flex into turns of a variety of shapes and are springy enough to pull you out of tighter-radius turns when you take pressure off the shovels.In the Gun Smoke’s defense, the only skis I’ve found that can really pull off moves like that have massive splay, like the ON3P Caylor or reverse sidecut skis like the DPS Lotus 138 or the Armada ARG.But versatility is the characteristic that makes the Gun Smoke a great ski, and a sunny day of lapping the Mizuno no Sawa area best demonstrated the ski’s range of capabilities.The Gun Smoke has been very good in all these conditions, providing one of the most versatile rides I have ever experienced.But since powder is the most fun to talk about, let’s start there.But Blizzard isn’t simply looking to bridge the gap between the Cohise and the Bodacious with the Gun Smoke; the Gun Smoke is an altogether different ski.The Gun Smoke is Blizzard’s first freestyle-oriented ski to incorporate their flipcore technology.

After spending a full day on the Bodacious and five days on the Gun Smoke, I can add that I’ve also found these other two skis to provide a unique combination of forgiveness and stability.The Gun Smoke is not a pure powder ski, and this was evident when I had it in the deep stuff.In waist-deep blower and knee-deep wind-compacted snow, I was experiencing some tip dive at slower speeds; not flip-head-over-heels tip dive, just some downward force on the shovels.It is still unclear how significant of a role flipcore plays in giving these skis this feel.What is certain, however, is that Blizzard is making some killer skis right now, and the Gun Smoke is the most recent example.It lacked the surface area to catch me at the end of the slash and carry me through the turn.


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