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Whilst musical revues can often come across as sycophantic, Thriller Live manages to sidestep being the gushing praise-fest that it could be, and instead allows the party atmosphere, music, songs and dance routines to speak for themselves in an undemanding evening of foot tapping, high end cabaret.

The script is warm and instantly accessible, although a little clumsy at times in its integration of high drama and sitcom humour; and whilst the songs are undeniable classics and span the length of her career, they are perhaps not abundant enough.

New excavations were launched in 2007 by the multi-institutional Gabii Project, led by Nicola Terrenato and the University of Michigan, which collaborates with Yale University, the University of Glasgow, Charlton University, and the University of Dallas.

Professors from these institutions bring both undergraduate and graduate students to the site to learn and work, Terrenato explained.

My conclusion is that their exposure to art affects other aspects of their learning.

This led me to a discussion with Aiko Cuneo, an artist who works with children in public schools, to hash out the benefits of arts education, both in and out of schools.

These expressions of creativity are as legitimate and valuable as those of painters and the other people we call artists.

“One of our goals is to train students in a wide range of methodologies and tools of modern archaeology,” he continued.We suggest that parents expand their definition of art.If you are a baker or a cook, if you like to arrange flowers, if you enjoy the harmonious arrangement of objects in your home, you are an artist.Because Rome has been continuously inhabited, the city exists in layers upon layers of construction and reconstruction over the years.These many layers can make it hard to investigate and map the early growth of the city.Whether there was ever a cathedral is still an unsolved question, but the excavations did uncover a church dedicated to St. The bell tower of the church, converted into a watchtower later in the Middle Ages, is still visible at the site.


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