The history of internet dating

Art was shocked to see aerial spraying, and both he and his wife got sick.

Interesting he never noticed this before, but simply talk to William Thomas for four hours, and you start o notice things.

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[…] this whole thing stinks of a Goverment De Population Program.

The earliest dated actual article I could find on this theory was from January 8, 1999, by William Thomas, which recounts the suspicious of three people about contrails, dating them to well before 1999 has been watching formations of high-flying jets weave grid-like contrails above his home since last summer [summer 1998].

Each time, “We get a taste in our mouth,” he reports.

Google Groups archives internet news-groups back to 1981, but the earliest mention of chemtrails was from May 8th, 1999: on art-bell A March 17, 1999 radio interview going out to 15 million listeners “rang the Bell” on an investigation financed entirely by your efforts.

During this third four-hour segment with Art Bell, I mentioned recent breakthroughs in an investigation undertaken by a small team of dedicated associates.


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