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Giving someone a compliment is an act of love; it's a gentle way to stroke their sense of self worth and restore the soul.Of course we should avoid false flattery which is almost always detected anyway.You can see it brings great joy to the person..to yourself.Yes, I believe that all of us should have a living funeral. G-d bless you..are a "good person" Michael/ Chicago My parents died within two weeks of each other and I can understand what a funeral is all about.May this Purim become an enlightening experience for each of us, and when we are either ourselves reading the Book of Esther (The Magillah), or sitting in shul and listening and following along with the reading by someone else, be an inspiring and moving experience, one that we can share with all Jews of all denominations.Gerald Pergament I have always tried to compliment someone everyday.I think it was a great tribute to him--and he enjoyed the memories tremendously.(Some friends wrote about him in his youth.) And for us, now, it is a nice keepsake to read and reread as a memorial for him as he died 3/4 of a year later.

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It reflects a belief that the spirit of good and wise people are not lost, simply because his/her body died.From this week's communiques, please tell Rabbi Shraga Simmons and Rabbi Borch Leff that I believe each has done outstanding work in regard to each of their articles.I was particularly impressed with "Living Funerals" and the Jewish belief that the spirit of the deceased remains with the body (but of course, not in it) during the funeral.Some people believe that the spirit of a person who, through life, was good and kind and religious, will transfer to a person he/she has asked Almighty God to transfer it to.The transferee is yet unborn, but at birth will inherit the dead person's intellect, loving kindness and worldly achievements.We can tell our spouses how good they look and mean it.


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