Scrubs jd and elliot dating

" JD: [holding his ear] " god." It is said that this was actually a genuine reaction by Zach Braff, as he didn't know just how shrill Sarah Chalke could get. You only have to answer to one guy, newbie, and that's you! Elliot: [screeching] "STOP FINISHING MY AWESOME JOKES! JD: Oh, I'm just doing this thing where I use a slice of wisdom from someone else's life to solve a problem in my own life. Carla: Okay, what if we have a son and he wants to take dance classes while all his friends are playing football? Because his friend don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine. Laverne: Look..that's the way you choose to see the world, then so be it. I've been coming here every day for twenty-four years, watching children die and seeing good people suffer. In a lot of ways, I guess I'm as stubborn as he is. Carla: What if we have a daughter and she wants to get hear ears pierced? Scrubs became well known for it's focus on Character Development, the extensive supporting cast and recurring characters, the largely accurate medicine and politics surrounding it and paying attention to the gradual progression of the careers of the young doctors (how they go from interns to residents to attending physicians and eventually department heads). all showed up (the latter for only 6 episodes), the focus was on a new group of interns, with intern Lucy Bennett largely replacing J. Scrubs spent its first seven seasons on NBC, but moved to ABC for its eighth campaign.

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But right now, all I see is a guy who's so worried about what everyone else thinks of him that he has no real belief in himself. I can't think of a safe answer, I just figured-- Dr. D.: As I looked at all the relationships around me — some that had gone on forever, some that were reigniting, and some that were had just begun, I realized something... And you can forget about him being a just an exceptional physician, because the fact of the matter is, he's a damn exceptional person. Because ultimately you don't have to answer to me, you don't have to answer to Kelso -- you don't even have to answer to your patients, for God's sake. (He opens the morgue door to reveal Doug, trapped under a dead body.) Doug: I don't know how it happened again, but it did. And then I wanted you to put it down on paper -- and not so I could see it, or not so that anyone else could see it, but so that you could see it! You wanna see how you end up if you don't believe that? I guarantee you there will not be another person in there. With so many memorable episodes of the show, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Scrubs episodes of all time are.


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