Sample dating service check form

During the initial Orientation and Training Period, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your attitudes and abilities and decide if your philosophy and goals are compatible with those of the practice.You may leave of your own volition or be dismissed without notice during this time.Under special conditions (illness, etc.) a full-time regular employee may work less than the normal work week for up to three months without losing regular full-time staff member status.With mutual consent between doctor and staff member, this time may be extended.

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The “terms of at-will employment agreement” is not to be considered as creating a contractual relationship between the employee and the employer.

Employees who work less than the customary number of full-time hours a week on an indefinite irregular work schedule.

If you work a regular part-time schedule for more than 90 days, you receive regular part-time status.

The office manager and the doctor conduct the review.

This gives both of us a chance to determine where improvement or assistance and training is needed.


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