Reverse harem dating sims

They want to do more than passively accept love and protection.Both girls seek to train in fighting and learn other important skills they can use to aid their new friends.While family should be the ones you can count on, theirs aren’t there for our heroines.Both Cardia and Yona prove though, that they can push forward without being sheltered by family thanks to the new bonds they've made.Her hesitation vanishes when she realizes this plot holds the key to her lost memories and the poison in her body.Much like Yona, Cardia had to suddenly face the realization that her father was not as good a person as she thought him to be.On the night Queen Victoria's royal army attempts to snatch her for some nefarious purpose, she is stolen away by Arsene Lupin, the gentleman thief.He takes her to his home base where Cardia meets a genius mechanic, shunned alchemist, and wise noble, and learns of her role in their plot to stop a terrorist attack.

They may not have the most thought-provoking storylines but often prove to be a funny and enjoyable experience.Akatsuki no Yona is a reverse harem meaning one girl, many beautiful guys!While it is engaging as a show about a girl setting off on an important mission, it also plucked at the heartstrings of bishounen lovers.To LOVE-Ru is more of a series to watch for mindless fun and some exciting scenes more than a moving plot or touching romance, and sometimes that’s just what you need.It falls to our last place on the list for doing nothing new but still being an enjoyable series all-round.When alien-like Lala (surprisingly not from Lala Land) appears naked out of nowhere, Rito’s life is changed as he now has to deal with Lala’s antics as she tries to find a reason to stay on Earth.


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