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But we urge them — or, even legally enjoin them — to communicate openly and explicitly about it. We might succeed in cajoling more students into some kind of verbal consent. And since you know so little about them, aren’t you more likely to do something that they want, no matter what kind of “consent” they have given?But that’s a script, a bedroom contract between sexual vendors. I’d like to suggest a modest addition to our campaigns against sexual assault on campus: Instead of simply pleading with students to ask for explicit consent when having sex, we should be asking them why they are having sex in the first place.This sketch allows us to imagine what the psychiatrist must be like at home – so reasonable all the time, he must be no fun at all.No passion, just plain dedication to his job; the rational understanding of psychology at the expense of natural human emotions and feelings, which is unnatural and ridiculous, as well as frustrating. And on many of them, the answer would almost surely be “no.” At least 800 institutions have established some kind of “affirmative consent” policy, whereby both partners must give clear and unambiguous consent to every sexual act. That’s the question du jour on our college campuses. In fact, it’s the great contradiction at the heart of our college sex wars.

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Patrick Kennedy and Lisa Dwan return as another ’60s couple, husband James and wife Stella, sharing the well-designed stage with a gay couple, the rich Harry (Jack Koenig) and the buff Bill (Patrick Ball). Nobody can trust anybody and nobody can be trusted to tell the truth.But while any 50 Shades shenanigans are ill-advised simply for being either too boring or idiotic, the mischief herein is ill-advised for being way too traumatic. [] University administrators take it for granted that a certain amount of sex will be “casual,” that is, devoid of intimate emotion or connection.Kennedy is given the better lines, relaying an underlying edge both as the cuckold and cuckolder, while Dwan conveys desire, unhappiness, and intelligence in her battle to preserve their saucy arrangement.Over the course of an hour’s battle they renegotiate their relationship.An aggrieved James urgently tries to confront Bill who, Stella claims, bedded her at a dress designers’ meet in Leeds. We can neither trust Bill when he announces he will run for Parliament, nor do we fully believe Harry when he launches into the most powerful speech of the show, denouncing Bill’s lies: “He’s a slum slug.


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