Mommy babysitter speed dating

The fifteenth woman had a terrible rash all over her body.

I made the sixteenth lady laugh so hard that she threw up all over the table.

“Relax,” she said with a laugh, “I’ll bring them down there while you’re at work tomorrow.” The next few months were great.

We never got tired of each other’s company and I thought I had found true love.

In the corner, I noticed a box with an old video recorder and some VHS videotapes inside.

A strange curiosity overcame me and I grabbed the box and brought it upstairs. In the darkness, I could just barely make out the figure of a man tied to a chair.

I began to give up hope of ever finding a perfect match.

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Just as I was contemplating skipping out early and going home, I sat down opposite the final lady.

When everyone was ready, the buzzer sounded and the speed dating began.

The first girl I sat down with was 21, much too young for me. The third woman was really ugly and I caught a very bad smell from the fourth.

It seemed as if we were truly matched for each other.

After about seven months together, I decided to pop the question and asked her to marry me.


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