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She also trained her daughter, Safin’s younger sister Dinara. How can you let a fourteen-year-old boy go to a different country, when he speaks not a word of Spanish?

The fans love him for his emotions on the court – one can count on fireworks during his game.The following year Safin defeated Andre Agassi and defending champion Gustavo Kuerten at the French Open.By the end of 1998, Safin had gained nearly 150 ranking spots and finished the year in the Top 50.Marat’s first acquaintance with tennis took place when he was just five-months old.His mother, a tennis coach, couldn’t find a babysitter, so she brought him with her to work.“He is so simple and polite, not like modern young people, it’s as if Marat was from another time,” said the landlady. You’ve probably observed that on the court as well.” There was an interesting episode at Roland Garros, which supports this characteristic. The referee insisted that Kuerten had sent the ball out of the field, and Kuerten went into a long argument trying to prove that the ball was in.


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