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He views a video, transferred from film, showing his own circumcision in some detail, and comments "I look like I'm smiling, but I'm really crying." [Audience members are inclined to laugh nervously at this.] In the synagogue, his rabbi shows him his parents' get (bill of divorcement) and he sees it has been slashed.

Last month, I wrote my first Jonathan Rhys Meyers post in nearly a year.

]) is led to a giant intact penis in a cave in Iraq.

You Tube video (14'30") Synopsis: A Catholic priest (Ray Mcanally [pseud.?

:) Last I checked, and I checked early last week, this soon to be a probable A list NFL player who is already A list in the NFL city where he plays had a girlfriend. So, it was interesting to see his choice of who to cheat on her with.

I don't think it was who any of us would have guessed.

In a prologue and three unconnected parts set in China, Canada and Africa; the prologue is a flashforward to the middle of the third part. " Just before the characters run the mile of the title (a college tradition after exams), Dwight Stifler (Steve Talley) gives a speech to three other characters to encourage them. Doctor Hirsch is gonna fetch one of them embassy fellas to see him. More information about the film itself will be welcome. Jimmy says his foster-father insisted he be circumcised "to reduce wind resistence." Nick: Where is Frank Devereaux? When Stephen is told his word is "foreskin", he says something like "I cannot play this any more" and starts to leave the room.

Olmo: Ah, it burns because you're not courageous, and you're not a socialist! There are several references to circumcision, all meant to be funny.

At a heavy metal concert, the crowd run from the Devil.

The Pope launches him like a missile from Vatican Square and he flies to New York.

The priest, now heavily pierced, waves goodbye to Satan.

The priest says "It is He who performs miracles," and the two giants part as friends, Robot Jesus flying into a disturbance in space, the Devil wading into the sea.


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