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I will highlight for you what happened as Internet became increasingly more accessible.

In the beginning, the people who were in #teen were mostly smart individuals who knew how to use Unix to get online.

The network operators had a tool called /wall (write all, named this way after the Unix command "wall"). Channel operators started using scripts with a command /wallops.

What the command did is send a notice visible only to channel operators.

That gave rise to malicious scripts, various denial of service attacks, and other attacks.

At some point SLIP and PPP protocols over dialup connections became popular and Trumpet Winsock came into being.

There was "lag" between people on different servers.

We offer a web-based chat client as well as access through your preferred IRC Client.

It was up to the channel operators to enforce the rules and operate our own bots.

Should a channel at any time have zero members, it would cease to exist.

A friend had a college account and I used it to access IRC by connecting to the college HP/UX system through my modem. As modem speeds increased, it became possible to access by more people.

I remember connecting to the Internet at 1200 baud, that is 1.2kbps.


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