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And if you’re comfortable editing your theme’s template files directly, the last method lets you only show a single date, rather than showing both the A blog scientist by the mind and a passionate blogger by heart ❤️.

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But if you’re following best practices and updating your old content, it’s a good idea to tell your visitors that you’ve updated the post so that they know the content is still relevant.

This is something I have been using on Shout Me Loud for the past couple of years and it has been really helpful to our readers.

If you’re comfortable with CSS, you can also add your own CSS styling to make the modified date more noticeable.

It also ensures, if you ever switch themes, that your new theme will continue to display the last modified date.

But what if you want to completely replace the publish date with the last modified date?

Well, it is possible, but it’s hard to give a tutorial on because you have to edit your theme’s template files directly and every theme handles showing post dates a little differently.

If you have PHP, replace: tday=new Array("Sonntag","Montag","Dienstag","Mittwoch","Donnerstag","Freitag","Samstag");tmonth=new Array("Jänner","Februar","März","April","Mai","Juni","Juli","August","September","Oktober","November","Dezember"); If instead you're using my Timezone offset modification, that fudges the timezone and get Timezone Offset() will still (incorrectly) display your actual system's time-zone offset.

With that modification, just print the value of tz Offset.


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