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They gave a really nice introduction at the table read.When you come into a show and everyone’s working together, it’s kind of like [you’re] the new kid on the block and everyone knows each other, but they couldn’t have been sweeter or nicer, more professional.When you’re going into something after a couple of seasons, sometimes people tend to get lazy or they’re not as excited or they complain a lot.And I didn’t really get that vibe with this [cast] at all.I watched it for the first couple seasons and then I didn’t stay caught up, and then when I was asked to come in to take the meeting and audition for it, I had called my manager and I’m like, "Do I need to watch these three seasons?" And I was always a big fan — you just know how TV is now.You’ll get into something and if for one second leave it, you go back and you have so much to catch up on. I think the actors are incredible, I think the writing’s amazing. I ended up watching a few of the episodes from where I had left off, just to kind of get the tone and see where everyone was, and then I went and auditioned and within, like, two days they had offered it to me and I was super excited, and it was such a great season and awesome working with Emmy [Rossum, who plays Fiona].

It was a real blessing to be a part of that and see that and to know that people still worked that way.

So we had a pretty long conversation just about filming that and the different characters and how everyone was off set.

And Emmy’s from the Upper East Side, so she was a fan of the show as well.

She was last seen in silver lake,walking her chocolate lab, Cindy, at 11 pm wed night.

I had known Jeremy [Allen White, who plays Lip] for years when I was living in New York, so when he booked the pilot, and then when it was picked up, a bunch of us got together and watched it.


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