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Steph and I became friends in middle school since we both loved the Backstreet Boys!We don't talk about BSB much anymore, our friendship has grown a lot since middle school.Accommodations: We have a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Eldorado Hills.This will be the pick up and drop off point for the shuttle!Weather: While it is going to be warm, there is plenty of shade and there will be a really nice breeze.It was actually really enjoyable weather out at the winery this past weekend! We recommend bringing a jacket or sweater for later.

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The dance floor is smooth pavement but other areas of the venue are still grass or gravel.This area is grass and gravel so select your shoes carefully!Reception: Fun and casual reception with dinner served by food trucks!We met at a coffee shop for what we both thought would be a quick date but it lasted for over two hours and we've been together ever since.Even though we'd been talking about getting engaged, Nathan completely surprised Sarah when he proposed one Friday evening at home. Nathan Nathan is a project manager at Northern California Injection Molding.Please CONTACT US if you would like to camp at the venue. :( Attire: The dress for the wedding is semi-formal but please wear something that makes you comfortable so you will have fun!


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