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For example, Shishak is named in the OT seven times, though never is he referred to merely as “pharaoh.”The only exception to this rule—apart from the 21 references in the prophetic books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, where the Egyptian monarch is referred to only as “pharaoh”—is when the Hebrew authors retrospectively write about the exodus-pharaoh, always leaving him unnamed.The absence of pharaoh’s praenomen in the biblical history of the second millennium BC is often used either to support the assertion of the legendary nature of the exodus narrative, or to demonstrate that the Hebrew writers were not truly interested in history.

Can any of Amenhotep II’s military campaigns be related to the exodus events?1506–1452 BC), the father of Amenhotep II, was it used as an epithet for the Egyptian monarch.However, the standard practice of Thutmose III’s time was to leave enemy kings unnamed on official records.The campaign of Thutmose III against a rebellious coalition at Megiddo, instigated by the Empire of Mitanni, was fomented by the King of Kadesh (on the Orontes River), who—in —merely was called, “that wretched enemy of Kadesh.” Moreover, when Egyptian scribes listed the booty that was confiscated after the Battle of Megiddo, they did not name the opposing king whose possessions the Egyptians plundered, referring to him only as “the prince,” or “the Prince of Megiddo.” The Amada Stele of Amenhotep II, which boasts of the king’s successful battles against seven Syrian tribes of Takhsi, identifies these foreign rulers only as “seven chieftains,” whose names are all left unrecorded.In the Memphis Stele of Amenhotep II, reference is made to his campaigns in Edom, Canaan, and Syria.Despite the prominence of these kings, they nonetheless remain anonymous as well..


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