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We briefly, guiltily enjoyed Braff's ad hoc quirk collage, his breezy use of modern anxiety as fashion accessory, his crypto-jailbait was an Uncanny Valley, an emo simulacrum of actual human feeling — a pose.

Now we're cratered recession-era thirtysomethings with infants and anemic stock portfolios, and, looking back, we can't forgive Braff for getting us mostly right.

There are a lot of movies, much worse movies, that are as emo, as self-aggrandizing, and that feature an even more manic manic pixie dream girl, but Garden State is the one we talk about.

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Braff had the brass to venerate his generation without an ounce of critique, and fetishize himself in the process: He'll always be, first and foremost, the man who had Natalie Portman, playing an epileptic pixie next door, harvesting his hard-won tears in Dixie Cups.No pardon awaits him on the other side of the Cultural Styx.As he notes, he "briefly, guiltily enjoyed" Garden State until, well, he loathed Garden State.Like Pearl Jam and its shitty post-grunge imitators, it grew hard to not resent patient zero.Worse yet for Garden State's legacy is it's tied to the codifying of an archetypal character that is easily one of today's most reviled: whiny hipsters.It's like Harold and Maude, if you definitely want to fuck Maude and kind of want to fuck Harold.


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