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She made her video model debut at the age of 21, appearing in Jay-Z's "Hey Papi" video in 1999. Steffans discussed how she had suffered sexual abuse as a child, and how she allowed herself to be sexually exploited in order to obtain work in music videos.

In 2007, Datwon Thomas the Kingpen and DJ Rhude released a mixtape called Freaky Flows, with a spoken word introduction and epilogue by Karrine Steffans, made available for free through King magazine. She dedicated her first book to her son, and she donates part of the proceeds from the book to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Based on research, currently Karrine Steffans’ net worth is about million however figure is controversial.

Born in 1978, she is married once & boyfriend name is Columbus Short.

My cousin Chuck would be livid.” The cousin Chuck was said to be a close friend of Jay Z’s, who, after one phone call, allowed for Steffans-Short’s camera time in the Hype Williams video to be increased tenfold.

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She has worked as an actress and as a video vixen, having appeared in more than 20 music videos, many by multiplatinum-selling rap artists. She has written about her troubled childhood: she grew up in poverty, suffered emotional and physical abuse at the hands of an alcoholic mother and indifferent father, and was raped when she was 13.

Karrine has also worked as an actress and model in more than 20 videos and its still counting. After her appearance in the movie – A man apart she also appeared in the cover of the magazine ‘Hollywood Swimsuit’.

She also lectures in various Universities and volunteers for social caused along with the United Nations.

Steffans' relationship with Kool G introduced her to the growing Hip hop music industry.

After moving to Los Angeles, friends she had made in the industry through acquaintances of Kool G began showing her the ropes. In April 2006, Steffans appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in a segment titled "Smart Women on 'Stupid Girls' – Guests discuss the objectification of women".


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