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With patch reminders being send out until the patching is complete, administrators cannot 'forget' the patch task in their daily struggle of shifting priorities between server maintenance and project work.First, we need to have a program that determines the current patch status.In the second scenario: All User is assigned to All Group and may only use SNMP security model 2c, All Group can use the All View, All View is assigned to the entire OID tree, and all of this is referenced in an SNMP poll by the secret, and unique community string 209ijvfwer0df92jd.The result for your first command should be about 33 lines, and contain some basic system information.As a result, we face the dilemma how to initiate the check and how to transport our monitoring result back to Nagios. going through all the required testing of implementing another service.One solution is to add a service such as NRPE-NT, which is exactly made for that purpose. I tested sucessfully Trap Gen from Network Computing Technologies, Inc., a small 136KB binary that can send custom SNMP traps from Windows systems.SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol, is widely used to communicate with and monitor network devices, servers, and more, all via IP.

updating snmp-51

Our Linux Vendors (Novell Su SE Linux Enterprise Server) patch release cycle is even more frequent then Microsoft, with patches being released on a almost daily basis.I created a batch file called win_update_so I do not need to re-type the commandline options when I want to run it by hand.Finally, we need to find a good home directory for our script, often admins already have such a script home for their ops scripts. We are using SNMP to monitor Windows severs and SNMP is our central monitoring protocol used across all systems.The approach described here does not check for the existence of each single patch.Instead it checks the correct setup of the automatic patch service, either being Microsoft Online or a local WSUS server.With Microsoft releasing patches bi-weekly, these patch lists are growing huge over time.


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