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Now in this article, I am going to make an assumption that you have our study CD which has some of these files on it. 1) On the CD, follow the link to install the trial version of the Solar Winds TFTP server.

If you don’t have our CD, you can purchase it or search the web for stuff like the Solar Winds TFTP server. You can access this by inserting the CD in your computer, auto-running the CD and you should see the Cisco Kits splash screen.

These things should start to give you an idea of where the problem may be.

We hope you found this Cisco certification article helpful.

Now in my example here I am going to assume you have some sort of switch or hub that you have the Cisco router and your PC connected into.On the splash screen you should see a link for “Handy Programs”.Click that link and then follow the link for the install of the Solar Winds TFTP Server.E) From hyperterminal on the router, can you ping the IP address of the PC?F) Is the service still started on the TFTP server and is the IP address still completely understand this as their instructions are written for someone who is already familiar with Cisco routers and switches and who is probably already a Cisco CCNA.


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