Updating a firmware to format the nokia pc suite

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.nokia (More info? )Hi I have just upgraded the frimware on my 7610, and then did a restore using PC Suite 6.4.Seemed to go ok, except now when I turn on the phone, I get a System Error message.I recommend a cable since the transfers are much faster.Once connected, open up Nokia PC Suite and select Backup which is the very first icon Hitting Backup opens up the Nokia Content Copier application.Some older Nokia phones lack compatibility with later versions of the PC Suite.The official site supplies a table that matches each phone model with the most recent compatible version.hello great forum i found right now allaboutsymbian..and i need this answer now, i`m having a lot problems with my nokia e71 and i want to reinstall my symbian software and everything to be new installed like i bought withouth any problems.

The codenumber is underneath the battery on the sticker .

The T9 dictionary seems to have disappeared and all I get is numerals when I attempt to write an SMS.

I figured I should to a system reset, and reinstall software, as the PC Suite backup seemed the culprit.

Select your model from the list displayed on that page and download the version of Nokia PC Suite.

Once downloaded, run the installer and complete the installation. On restarting, Nokia PC Suite will open the Connection Manager that will guide you through connecting your mobile phone. You can choose your connection depending on if you have a cable or bluetooth.


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