Twitch and katee dating

Mark glides through with ease but Comfort looks awkward. There are many lifts and something called an airplane where Joshua swings Chelsea around by one leg and arm. While that and the lifts were impressive I thought they interfered with the flow of the piece.

She knew it was going to be hard though, exclaiming before the routine, “Lord Jesus how am I going to pull this off? You could almost hear the wheels turning too, as they placed this foot here, that hand there, now lift, etc.

He doesn’t look big enough to lift her up that way but kudos to her too for nailing the landing and making it all look good. (Please don’t throw things unless it’s a few marshmallows for my ice cream.)Dmitry Chaplin, a finalist from season two, choreographs a tango for Chelsie and Joshua.

The judges liked it although Murphy didn’t reach a high decibel mark. It has a 1940’s feel and it briefly uses a chair and a table as a prop.

Murphy screams that they’re on the hot tamale train.It’s something you never would’ve seen on TV twenty years ago.It gives me hope that in twenty years — hopefully less — that we’ll see same sex couples on a show like this and no one will blink twice.)Before Mark’s solo, we learn that he started dancing in musicals and was the only male dancer in a performing arts school.I prefer my hip-hop at a faster pace but this was good. Her head shot off her shoulders and into the back row but then, that’s what you have to endure when you’re in the cheap seats.It’s Chelsie’s nineteenth birthday and she celebrates with a hip swiveling solo.Impressive credentials to be sure, but as the show goes on, I just want her to shut up.


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