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Indeed, the Nacirema dating and mating rituals I've described appear to be strange, ludicrous even, until we recognize them as our own.At this point, it becomes easier to understand and laugh at the folly of our ways.And how many times have you jumped 10 steps ahead in your brain, envisioning your marriage with a guy you just started dating? And yes, "lohocla" and "rednettrab" are both a play on words for alcohol and bartender.Like the Nacirema ladies, far too often, women start picturing the dress and the ceremony before they've gotten to know a man's character, before they've even ascertained if a certain man is a compatible match. Perhaps alcohol has come into play in much of your dating life.Nacirema women have been known to get quite obsessive about these horn-calls, spending hours each day waiting for the sound of the horn.The women also spend countless hours analyzing the tracks their courters leave in the dirt outside their huts, often looking for deeper, hidden meanings or clues with regard to their level of romantic interest.Recently, I spent some time digging deeper into the Nacirema culture.

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Don't mold yourself to be who you think others want you to be.

please don't ask 4 funds or i-tune card I well not chat with u!

titled "Body Ritual Among the Nacirema," in which he described some of the bizarre rituals and practices of a little-known tribe -- the Nacirema -- living in North America.

Researchers have noted that the women believe this temporary fakery will attract their suitors and solidify their interest in a marriage.

Quite bizarrely, Nacirema women have a tendency to move very quickly when they meet someone they like.


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