Snowbird dating

Long hours on the road can take a physical and mental toll, so stopping to stretch and rest is a must.It's possible to find seasonal driving jobs with a professional service, but drivers who want to work in snowbird season only may find it easier to drum up clients by word of mouth.

Most one-way trips, however, can be done in two to three days.

Plus, be prepared to have some company on your way.

Cars heading south tend to get crowded with precious cargo, such as fragile personal belongings and even family pets.

You might find work in any number of capacities, from bartender or gardener to parking valet or room cleaner. If you love golf, there might be openings in the pro shop or as a groundskeeper. Be mindful of the physical demands of some service jobs. Most states require practicing massage therapists to complete a formal education program, pass an examination and obtain a license.

Pilates and yoga teachers must have proof of specialized training, too. The nitty-gritty: Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are in high demand at hospitals and doctors' offices in Florida and Arizona during the winter months.


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