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I had the same thing and know one knew what it was..

Howard 100 and Howard 101 are two uncensored channels on Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio, two satellite radio services that broadcast programming affiliated with Howard Stern and The Howard Stern Show.

Though the channels were first broadcast on September 29, 2005, Stern could not officially broadcast until January 1, 2006, as Stern was still at WXRK, the terrestrial radio station where he had to finish his FM radio contract.

I get that message every time I start the car, VW is trying to tell me that its Sirius that I have to deal with.

I highly doubt they update the channels that often.

Reset it and it will be good to go Also you should be able to tune into channel 0 or search for your code by your vin number no shit! I had the same issue with my '08 GSR and all my research pointed me to sirius pushing a firmware update that bricked a lot of units and probably bricked mine. But seriously, I've had this on the back of my mind since I read his suggestion.

But if this will possibly fix it, thanks for the info. Hopefully now, activating it will cure the UPDATING issue. I had attempted repeatedly to activate my radio through calling them and it was always stuck on "updating".

And I havent had any antenna errors/messages either.

The fee is payable with your first subscription fee payment.

For audio Service, the activation fee is currently .00.

go on the xm website and purchase the subscription unless you have a active account..

and there should be something about reseting your xm.


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