Scorpio man dating scorpio woman

As long as she doesn’t nag or prod him too much, the Scorpio male allows her to see this side of him and even come to appreciate the gentle manner in which she discovered it.Because of this, he may be more willing than other men to deal with her mood swings.The female crab is a light, feminine energy that matches with the male scorpion’s masculine prowess.Although he may be a bit rough around the edges for her, the Cancer woman and Scorpio man can find balance in their love compatibility after some time. While the Cancer woman can be emotional, her fellow water sign has his sensitive nature.This can bring out his stubborn personality, and if she crashes against it, he will unleash his stinger.This will cause her to retreat into her shell, not wanting to anger him any further.If the Cancer woman and Scorpio man zodiac signs can compromise and adapt to their partner’s quirky characteristics, they can learn from their positive attributes as well.

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This is one area where the Cancer female sexually really shines, for she is very feminine and sensual.

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This attracts her more intense Scorpio lover, and he will do whatever it takes to send her over the edge.

His kind of passion stimulates her sexual and emotional needs, and she reassures him with her love and devotion.


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