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The two dots that are the most visible in that close-up are the edges - the flaw runs the distance between them. None of these minor findings detract from the overall quality of this boxcar. 11938EXOB: An extremely tough piece that's actually mint, but with a problem.

It has a cracked back suoerstructure railing(see arrows).

I do miss her at times,’’ he says, wiping away tears.

If the photograph of Coles, 49, (left) seems a mite familiar, don’t be surprised.

Last week, as a group of clerics clad in cassocks stood deep in conversation in St Pancras station, a booming voice rang out across the crowded concourse.

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These guides are updated each year and contain thorough listings of all Lionel trains and sets.

You should be able to match the model number (or name, if you have that) to the product in order to determine the year that the train or set was released. If you are unable to determine the age of your item using the guides, then contact a train collecting organization such as the Train Collectors Association or the Lionel Collectors Club of America.

While collectors generally derive their knowledge from such sources as the guides cited previously, they also have extensive self-knowledge that has developed from years of pursuing this hobby and communicating with other Lionel enthusiasts.

Based in the Deep South, Cindy Roussos has been a full-time writer since 2004.


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