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In other words some initial trigger which we term in RANDOM as SEED.This SEED is the beginning point, the trigger which instigates him to select the RANDOM value.OS entropy is a random value which is generated using sound , mouse click and keyboard timings , thermal temp etc. So putting in simple words RNG Crypto generates SECURE random numbers.However, because the clock has finite resolution, using the parameterless constructor to create different Random objects in close succession creates random number generators that produce identical sequences of random numbers I've tried all of these solutions excluding the COBOL answer... I needed randoms in a fast for int loop and I was getting tons of duplicate values even in very wide ranges. If you want true random numbers, the closest we can get is "secure Pseudo Random Generator" which can be generated by using the Cryptographic classes in C# such as random numbers you will need to use an external source such as devices accounting for radioactive decay as a seed for an random number generator.So in other words RANDOM class of C# generates pseudo random numbers , below is the code for the same.While the RNGCrypto Service Provider class uses OS entropy to generate seeds. v=t CYxc-2-3f Y from where the logic of OS entropy is explained.

I would encourage you to watch this video which goes in depth in the philosophy of RANDOMNESS using C# https://

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To avoid to draw the same number over and over, you need a seed. Remember that you will get the same number over and over if you are using the same seed every time. Time is a good source for seed because they chage always.

if you are looking for random number generator for normal distribution, you might use a Box-Muller transformation.


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