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Payment of the Confirmation Deposit cannot be deferred.USAC reserves the right to make adjustments to fees or deadlines at any time.Additional courses can be approved for credit by using the course approval form and process, which is a part of the application for study abroad.Please refer to the academic information on the host university website for all courses available to study abroad students.Please refer to the Study Abroad Office Refund Policy for details.See Ready to Apply for additional information about the application process and Money Matters for more details regarding payment and cancellation deadlines.Recommended fields are African dance, music, theater, resource development, agriculture, and the social sciences.

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CIEE has been offering this program in Ghana since 1994.Occasionally dates need to be changed or field trips modified.Refer back to this calendar often for the most current dates.The University reserves the right to alter the program format and/or costs in case of conditions beyond its control.If the program is canceled or a student withdraws, a refund of program costs may not be available in all cases.The Legon campus lies about 8 miles northeast of Accra, the capital city.


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