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A few of you, who were there in Birmingham (England) will remember Yog’s Faith Tour concert at The N. for a bouncy rendition of Wham’s ‘I’m your man’ – reliving for a moment, those crazy early days together… For Yog & Andrew, it was a fantastic time in their lives…

A special guest appearance on the night from the mighty Mr Ridgeley – sporting moustache and goatee if I remember correctly…

Mine says I’m in the music/publishing business, so I joke to myself that I’m chatting to Stevie Wonder and ask him to clarify. I was on the way out of a studio, long anecdote, maybe I can tell you it sometime.” He continues on the book theme.

“I’m just about to start on the REAL autobiography. ” I tell him I’d rather go for a drink, and before I forget, “Are you gonna send me a pic of you, rather than that fellow hairy half-Greek, before we meet?

But the newfangled opportunity of internet ‘dating’ was a bizarre beast to get my head around. It’s a wet Monday evening in April, and as I log onto the ‘dar, something more than a million users were doing every day in Britain back in 2004, I notice a message from a faceless user with a moniker not too dissimilar to that of a well known brand of vodka. ” I smile at his interest in my job (makes a change from asking about my dick, I chuckle) and then my beam becomes a belly laugh as I open the attachment and see a picture of George Michael! He was the first celebrity I ever bumped into, unless you count Nerys Hughes from The Liver Birds when I was nine!

They wrote: "We’ve been touched by your many tributes celebrating and remembering Yog, reminding us how very much he is missed and loved.

"However, we feel we cannot expect our Highgate and Goring neighbours to continue to accept as normality, the memorials so personal to you all, to remain as and where they are any longer although, we do appreciate your recent efforts to minimise their impact." The family added: “We are hoping, into the future, to get back to you with some more thoughts on ways and ideas to remember Yog that we hope you’ll like, and be a part of." Plans for a George Michael statue were blocked by a local council back in January.

Happy Birthday Yog…We’ll turn your music up today knowing you’re smiling down, feeling all our love and laughing at our dancing!

In the coming days there’ll be stories blaming his ‘troubled life’, salacious appetite for sexual partners and ‘poor lifestyle choices’ for his untimely death.


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