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Meebo's products are no longer available, but you can find all the latest and greatest things that we're working on at /.

XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows. XChat for Windows users are advised to upgrade to 2.8.7c due to a security issue.

The most notable improvement is probably the moveable components, that is, you can move the userlist and tree around to different positions with the mouse [youtube video].

A release for GNU/Linux with similar features will follow soon.

A major new version of XChat for Windows has been released today: 2.8.7.

Some of the new features including screenshots are listed in this forum post.

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Update 15/Apr/08: This version has now been superseded by 2.8.7a.

14/Jun/08: This version has now been superseded by 2.8.7c.


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