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Fouladkar explained, “Religiously, people can divorce each other verbally.

They try to find a husband for the woman.” Fouladkar confirmed that this problem of divorcing in anger and reaching the three-time limit does really happen to people, and "the subject [has been] tackled in Arabic cinema.In all three instances, Fouladkar attempts to find an unusual or humorous twist in the way the characters interact within Islamic customs and allowances.For many Western audiences and non-Muslims, may be their first introduction to the concept of a temporary marriage.It will open at the part of the guide most relevant to your current location on the site.(2015) follows three devout Muslim women in Beirut, Lebanon, as they navigate their love lives within the rules and expectations of their religion.Thus, while the religion allows it, Loubna must hide the arrangement from her acquaintances to avoid harsh judgment and damage to her reputation.


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