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What May Be Purchased With WIC Project FRESH Coupons?

WIC Project FRESH coupons can only be used to buy eligible, locally grown, fresh, unprepared fruits and vegetables from authorized farmers, farmers' markets and roadside stands.

In school, students this time of year often learn about how Native Americans shared their fall harvest - "Three Sisters," or, beans, corn and squash, and of course, cranberries - with the European settlers at the first Thanksgiving nearly 400 years ago.

How Do Farmers Become Involved In The WIC Project FRESH Program?

Farmers, Farmers' Markets, and Roadside stands interested in the WIC Project FRESH Program should contact Lissa Smith of each year at (517) 335-8901 or at Smith [email protected]

How Do Clients Get WIC Project FRESH Coupon Booklets?

The project's success led Congress to enact the Farmers' Market Nutrition Act of 1992 (P. The program was transferred to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (formerly known as Michigan Department of Community Health) in November of 1992 where it remains today.

WIC Project FRESH helps to provide healthy and nutritious produce to Michigan WIC participants, while fostering economic development by promoting our state's diverse agricultural products.


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