Dharma dating

A face I had seen on a screen turned into a one-and-half-year long journey of a meaningful, long distance relationship that I will never forget.You introduced me to my first serious relationship that was unlike any romance film or story I’d ever seen in media.

Thank you for empowering me with choices — for giving me the space to be the first to start conversations as a lady and remember I am fearless.

The only difference was the fact that it was happening in real-time while all the restaurant’s employees eavesdropped on the conversation, which only made me more determined to provide a great show for everyone watching.

Thank you for helping me realize, that there are lots of people out there I can learn from, and for allowing me to connect with these individuals.

Thank you for showing me that dates don’t have to be so formal (at least in Berlin).

I can split the check, and talk about weird things, like life, art, even good and bad previous dating experiences.


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