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Looking for an organization in your area who has the Touch Chat App on an i Pad® / i Pod® / i Phone®?

Below is a list of places where you may be able to try the Touch Chat App, borrow it from a lending library, or get an assessment with it before you purchase.

In 2017, Hulu decided to expand into the live TV streaming market and began beta testing its Hulu Live service.

The service features access to nearly 60 live channels in addition to all of the on-demand content that Hulu is so famous for.

Read on to get our in-depth review and see whether the service is right for you.

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For more on Hulu’s on-demand content, check out our Hulu On Demand review or scroll down to our on-demand channels section below.

Here’s the full list of live channels currently available with Hulu Live.

As of now, the user interface, DVR, and algorithms used to recommend content are pretty rough, which is a big reason why we ultimately had to give it a middling three stars.

We know it’s not a perfect service, but if you can figure out the interface, it’s a great way to get the TV you love without paying for a cable package.


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