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Similarly, a company looking to promote a manager for an office abroad is more likely to choose the Italian citizen from among equally-qualified employees.Citizens of certain western countries--and Americans in particular--are the main targets of terrorist attacks abroad.If you are an American, Italian citizenship will let you invest in offshore mutual funds and securities without restriction or hindrance.Very few foreign companies are registered to sell their securities in the United States.The European Union (EU) - previously known as the European Community (EC)- was founded after the Second World War to unite the nations of Europe economically and to help ensure peace in the region.

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Between two equally-qualified candidates, a company with offices in Europe is more likely to hire the one with Italian citizenship.Services for people who seek visa or immigration information are undertaken by a particular country's Italian embassy and consulates.Visit the website of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs at contact the Italian embassy and consulates in your country for more information.According to the principle of jure sanguinis, you have actually been an Italian citizen since birth (if you qualify).Obtaining dual citizenship through ancestry is much different than obtaining it through naturalization, which in many cases can result in the loss of your native citizenship.Italian and other EU governments provide generous pensions for citizens who have spent the requisite number of years in the workforce.


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