Dating for democrats

I was a strong supporter of Franken and believe, politically, his views map onto mine perfectly.I support his commitment to equality, civil rights, affordable health care for all Americans, and supporting the middle class, among other key Democratic principles that I endorse unwaveringly.The six candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican U. Indivisible Chatham NY has organized the program to provide district voters an opportunity to meet and question the candidates up close. John Faso in New York’s 19th Congressional District will participate in a “candi-dating program” on March 11. in the auditorium of the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, 330 County Road 21C.

“We’re building bridges when people are talking about building walls and our users like that.”Trump is forging connections, too.

When Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat, was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old, dating teenage girls, and being banned from his local mall, Democrats loudly decried Moore’s egregious behavior. When Senator Al Franken was accused of sexual predation, Republican senators and President Donald Trump, who has himself professed a propensity for groping women without their consent, in turn jumped to lambast the Minnesota senator.

They asserted that sexual harassment and assault was unconscionable, intolerable behavior unbecoming of any U. And while many Democrats called for an ethics investigation into Franken’s behavior, they did not all call on him to resign.

Its founder, David Goss, wants to make it easier for Trump supporters to find each other.

The site’s earliest users were in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, which are Democratic strongholds. They are also signing up from abroad, including in Britain and in Russia.


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