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Blowfly activity in the period from mid-April to mid-May was correlated with damage to fish in the same year.Interception (sticky) traps, based on visual cues, caught blowflies during the early drying period, whereas odor-baited funnel traps were more effective during the later drying period, and continued to catch flies throughout the year until late autumn.Attracting high numbers of adult females, extensive trapping prior to damage, and a pest species with a predominantly univoltine lifecycle, are important factors contributing to the success of mass-trapping programs.We conducted a mass-trapping experiment over 4 years, using yellow sticky traps and odor-baited funnel traps for control of the blowfly in stockfish production areas in Loften, Norway.

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Their Luxury Romance Package includes accommodations, breakfast in bed, flowers and champagne upon arrival for 4 per night for two guests. That time of year you either revel in when you’re part of an amorous, can’t-live-without-each-other kind of relationship, or despise if you’re single and alone.Whatever your situation, single or coupled-up, San has got your back.In the final year of the experiment, we compared mass-trapping and control treatments, controlling for drying time period and sun exposure (which both contribute to damage), and found a damage reduction of 63%.Thus, mass-trapping with a female-attracting kairomone, and using traps of different functionality to extend the critical trapping period, in accord with pest phenology, is an efficient method for control of This study was financed by the Fishery and Aquaculture Industry Research Fund, the Norwegian Stockfish Association (Tørrfiskforum), the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Research Council of Norway. In the funnel traps, 80% of the captured flies were females.


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